Fable & Eve Carnaby Náttfatasett

25.800 kr.

Glæsileg náttföt frá Fable & Eve London, tímalaus hönnun þar sem hugað er að öllum smáatriðum.

Efnislýsing: 68% modal og 32% lífræn bómull. Modal er einstakt náttúruefni unnið úr birkitrjákvoðu

Stærðir: 10-12-14-16

About Fable & Eve.

When we established Fable and Eve, the question we asked ourselves was; what do we
want to stand for? We made a conscious decision not to join the fast-fashion party. Instead
we chose to produce less styles and replace them less frequently. We use the same factories
we’ve been using for decades with workers we’ve known for many years. We apply the
same principles to our suppliers too, working with trusted fabric and trim manufacturers
who share our values. Above all, we chose to consciously select fabrics that would have a
minimal effect on the world around us to produce nightwear that would last for years. The
Coco Chanel quote ‘Fashion fades, style is permanent’ struck a real chord with our team and
whilst we wouldn’t want to tinker with such a great sentiment, in today’s society we believe
style and quality are permanent.

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8/XS, 10/S, 12/M, 14/L, 16/XL

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